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SAG and Mechanic Support Services

SAG vehicle You have seen and you will continue to see these guys on the Hilly route. Always going slow, looking for trouble.  But they usually don't make trouble; they fix it.  Give 'em a nice wave if you don't need any help, but tap the top of your helmet if you do.

The help they can provide should not be emergency first aid nor a simple tube or tire replacement after a puncture.  The former should be a call to 911, and the latter you should be able to accomplish yourself.  
  • SAG stands for Support and Gear.  
  • SAG vehicles roam the Hilly Hundred route, looking for cyclists in need of support.
  • SAG vehicles are in constant contact with Hilly Headquarters by means of HAM radio.
  • SAG vehicles drive in the opposite direction of bikes, so as to have the greatest coverage possible. 
  • If a SAG vehicle picks you up, and you need a simple item of bike repair, he will deposit you at the next rest stop in his direction of travel, which you probably have already passed.  If you or your bike are beyond repair, the SAG vehicle can bring you all the way back to the Edgewood High School in Ellettsville.
  • SAG vehicles will temporarily be stationed at each of the 3 rest stops each day, awaiting an assignment or their turn to patrol.
  • The Hilly Hundred wishes to thank the many non-biking individuals who give up most or all of their entire weekend to help us --  and you.



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At several locations during the Hilly Hundred weekend, there will be professional bicycle mechanics available to help you. The Hilly Hundred does not pay these talented individuals nor the bike stores they work for, so we want to show our appreciation by listing them here. Do not come to the Hilly expecting a major overhaul. But if you arrive at the Hilly and you're experiencing difficulties in spite of what you thought was a well prepared machine, and you discover this either at the headquarters location or out on the route, the people listed below will be happy to help you. Their contact information is shown for any appropriate followup. Mechanics  
At the Vendor Tent:

Virtuous Cycles/Zoe Neal
Lafayette, Indiana

At the first rest stop each day:

Baer Wheels/David Baer
Columbus, Ohio
At the second rest stop each day (the lunch stop):

Gray Goat Sports/Brian Gootee
Indianapolis, Indiana

At the third rest stop each day:

DG Bicycles/Scott Dunwoody
Indianapolis, Indiana