Hilly Hundred Photo Contest 2012

The Hilly Hundred is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 Hilly Hundred Photo Contest! If sleepless nights on the part of the judges is any indication, we had lots of great photos to choose from. Congratulations and thanks to the following amateur photographers for their imagination and their creative efforts at the 2012 Hilly Hundred Weekend as shown below.

Click on the photo for an enlarged view.

1st Place 1st Place - Gay Bussard, Omaha, NE
2nd Place 2nd Place - Leanne Bergstrom, Carmel, IN
3rd Place 3rd Place - Tim Shier, Bloomington, IN
4th Place 4th Place - Paul Wrentmore, Fishers, IN
5th Place 5th Place - Martin Rossmann, West Lafayette, IN
Honorable Mention HM - Kyle Martin, Indianapolis, IN
Honorable Mention HM - Charles E. Blystone, Normal, IL
Honorable Mention HM - Barbi J. Smith, Anderson, IN
Honorable Mention HM - Manny Cervantes, West Lafayette, IN
Honorable Mention HM - Erica Baker, Silver Lake, IN